oh, little owl
26. married to a handsome history major. future librarian. current grad student. two cats. baltimore sports.

current favorite things:
» summer hours
» aimless rural road trips
» orange is the new black

just finished my second week of new job. i cannot really talk about it, except to say it is awesome except for when i wear stupid shoes that give me blisters, and people on the street mistake me for someone who “goes to highschool” with their kid (really? in heels and business slacks?), and the heavens open up and rain for many days straight.

other than that, and piles of homework, life is crazy but good. 

this weekend i will be going to a bead show with my mom to pick out beads for the beaded flowers she will be making for my bridal bouquet. i’m excited about my wedding being almost exactly a year away. i feel like i can start to plan. you know, on top of the million other things i have to do.

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