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26. married to a handsome history major. future librarian. current grad student. two cats. baltimore sports.

current favorite things:
» summer hours
» aimless rural road trips
» orange is the new black


Mr Morgan’s Last Love

Watched this on Netflix last week. It’s really sweet, I definitely cried a bunch, and Clémence Poésy is gorgeous.


Secretary (2002)

Secretary (2002)

Happy Birthday, Beyonce Amy Poehler! (September 16th)



also: i am officially entering the part of the semester where i start to get crazy story ideas and am like


i could write this paper

or i could write 20 pages of navel gazing fiction

and it could be romantical in nature

let me just start a small pinterest mood board

and okay maybe write at least five pages.


Jean Dujardin for GQ France Oct 2014 (X)


online classes are so interesting in how you deal when you absolutely hate one. it is like the hugest burden to LOG IN and look over what you are supposed to be doing.

like i know i have 24 hours to finish tomorrow’s work but i feel both obligated to work on it now and absolutely dreading logging in.

surprisingly, it’s not the giant cumulative final project that i hate. somehow i am poised to get ahead in that class and i kind of love writing essays (thus far).

it’s the class i took as a low stress complement.

i should have known.

no professor ever follows through on the syllabus statement “values participation over perfection.”

or at least, if they do, they don’t advertise it. like in college. that one professor who we all know who let you turn in drawings as response papers.

i miss that.